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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011

 Today begins the day of preparation for

Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.  I want to take this time to wish

each of you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Annette Mastron permalink
    November 23, 2011 7:26 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. May our hearts be as full as our tummys on this day with family and friends. Gobble Gobble…

  2. November 23, 2011 9:17 AM

    I can hear the gobble gobble from herel. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. November 23, 2011 10:29 AM

    Dear Susan and CCwriter Friends,

    Charlotte and I wish you all a great Turkey Day (or Ham it up if you want). We are with both our sons, daughter-in-law, probable daughter-in-law to be, and our only grand child to date so our house will be filled with fun and good smells (we even bathed the dog to keep the Thanksgiving smells the only odor in the house).

    May the blessings of this special time of year be with you, your families and all our friends.
    Alan and Charlotte

    • November 23, 2011 12:11 PM

      Thank you so much Charlotte and Alan. It sounds like you will have the happiest of Thanksgivings. May God bless you and your family at this time of the year. Thank you so much for all you two do for CCWriters2 and for being part of the group.

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